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Feb FOTM: Smart Tile Series – Smart Video

February’s Feature Of The Month: Smart Video

Smart Video has multiple integrated video feed tiles to present a complete global view of all spaces with live security video monitoring and alarm activation reports. The Smart Choice Communications integrated video surveillance platform uses IP networks to help reduce costs, all while improving monitoring to produce additional value from electronic physical security investments. This real-time page helps to cut liability claims to lower unnecessary insurance expenses and ensures areas remain secure. The integrated video surveillance solution combines the primary functions of an IP digital video feed, video management system, and video switching on a single platform. SCC will manage and troubleshoot the physical security resources that are often maintained by the enterprise’s own IT department to let businesses benefit from the experience and expertise of SCC systems engineers, who are available for support 24 X 7 X 365.

Smart Video Features

A Single-Vendor Solution: Proprietary video surveillance system with managed services

Multiple Integrated Video Feed Tiles: Unparalleled image detail for precise observation and faster incident response

Present A Complete Global View of All Spaces: Ensure employee and asset protection

Live Security Video Monitoring: Reduce liability claims to help lower unnecessary insurance expenses

Interoperability With Other Systems: The demands of more camera installations and integration with access control

Legal Limitation Liabilities: Retaining data for a given duration of time to match liabilities

Appearance Search Analytics: Sorts through hours of video with ease, to quickly locate a specific person or vehicle of interest across an entire site, or multiple sites

Search Feature: Instantly display a preferred location feed

Instant Alert Notifications: Alarm activation reports

Scalability: Adapt to new requirements and company growth

February Feature of the Month
Smart Tile Series: Smart Video

The Challenge

A large retailer was making a transition from a traditional video surveillance to digital solutions based on IP networking technologies. Limitations arise from traditional systems and there are opportunities achieved with the new technology, including: improving surveillance and reducing costs.

The Smart Solution

As a global company and operator of one of the most reliable telecommunication services in the world, Smart Choice Communications has become a trusted partner to the firm. In developing its video surveillance solutions, SCC has applied the insights gained from operating electronic physical security solutions to protect the company’s more than 200 corporate locations worldwide. SCC systems engineers offer immense knowledge in digital video, including video surveillance, understanding how to use the power of an integrated video feed to keep their locations secure. Smart Tile: Smart Video is highly reliable and minimal training was required for the network and IT staff. The company is now more comfortable having a high level of security, along with reduce operational costs.