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Smart Contact Center and Business Analytics

Services Provided:

Smart PBX Solution Hosted PBX and VoIP
Network Security
HIPAA Compliance
Smart Analytics
Smart Contact Center

Smart Contact Center
and Business Analytics

The Challenge:

A call manager expressed frustration over the lack of visibility into their system and company analytics. The specialty insurance provider required a HIPAA-compliant, seamless mobile communication solution for several offices across the U.S.

“We provide a weekly automated report of all metrics and SLAs, in an easy to use excel format every Monday at 8am, required by the C-Suite executives. The world is moving away from dashboards and pull analytics so SCC strongly believes in the ability to send reports via- email, SMS, and custom portals. This enables users to stop searching for data and get exactly what is needed.”

– Basil Stepanov – CTO, Smart Choice Communications

The Smart Solution

  • SCC provided the staff with a communications system that features multiple custom configurations and programming for their phones.
  • Programmed a custom-built contact center dashboard to view users logged in, including the phone numbers involved in current calls.
  • Installed heavily used call queues that increased management’s visibility into daily operations.
  • SCC’s Smart Analytics provides a deeper understanding of their productivity through detailed analyses of daily communication tools.
  • Customized their Omni Portal and Omni Portal output data to align with management’s KPI monitoring.
  • Single Sign-On solution to let users securely log in to multiple website and application accounts using one set of username and password credentials.
  • Smart Analytics generates custom reports from the data stored in their company OmniPortal. Then creates an Excel file with numerous graphs and charts containing information that proves easy to interpret and use.
  • Call recordings are automatically uploaded to AWS, where AWS converts speech to text and feeds this text into the analytics feature.
  • Automatic report emails on a weekly basis to include agent name/ID, agent extension, current state of agent, amount of time in current state, and the number of calls agents have answered.
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