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April 15, 2020

Smart Choice Communications Develops Smart Tile Software For Hundreds Of Global Locations

New York City, NY, April 15, 2019 – Smart Choice Communications (SCC) a leading provider of global cloud communications and software solutions, today announced that a worldwide, premier brand retailer with hundreds of stores, selected several of SCC’s communication solutions. SCC connected several offices around the world with the goal for efficient global team collaboration, network monitoring through Smart Tile, and to develop specific software products for their brands. A major proponent in the decision-making in selecting SCC as their provider was the ability to not only act as a single point of contact, but to custom tailor services and software to meet their needs. All the company’s telecommunications services remain under one umbrella and therefore, only have one bill for their hundreds of locations. SCC acts as the only point of contact, consolidating all services for hundreds of locations, including, internet, phones, WIFI, credit card machines, people counters, and network monitoring through Smart Tile.

“In the age we live in today with the complexities retailers and enterprise businesses face with ever changing technologies and options, SCC has developed Smart Tile to give customers a full view of their business. From Card Access, to People Counters, Bandwidth management, Voice Analytics, as well as many other Tiles – SCC believes that empowering businesses to see their full technology deployment through One Pain of Glass allows them to fully utilize their IoT devices,” says Basil Stepanov, CTO at Smart Choice Communications.

To connect their large international workforce to increase work productivity, SCC installed smart solutions and software, which is intuitively designed, fully customizable, easily accessed by multiple devices, and scaled to meet demand. The conversion from a legacy system allows the company to advance into a full-featured phone service on existing network infrastructure, which reduces operational costs and maintenance. The brand had been notified by Verizon and other carriers that they were no longer providing service in their locations, thus leaving sites with no phone lines. Smart Choice Communications installed E-POTS lines and helped the company migrate from traditional copper to IP-based lines.

SCC’s proprietary Smart Tile allows businesses to view essential information through “one pane of glass” in one distinguished location. Utilizing Smart Tile is a strategic move for the brands to see financial growth and have a competitive advantage. This new software present live video feeds, call volume, bandwidth usage, and network status, while also providing supplementary pages for each segment along with enterprise call history and card access reports. This is an incredible asset for this business, whose employees work in various locations or remotely.

Smart Tile Development:


The data analytics tile is used to provide a real-time, color-coded list of up or down host totals and the status for each one. The retailer uses this to monitor the up/down status of each host, or easily add a new host using an IP address. The software extracts data from the holding company’s existing Cisco call manager and converts it into reports that measure, review, and interpret the results of call center campaigns. The goal of this development is for the company to extract raw data and then import that data into Excel for further analysis.

The service analytics tile displays a convenient dashboard to easily access information and track IP devices in one place, with a color-coded host and server list and interactive ping history graphs

Furthermore, the voice analytics uses custom parameters to locate previous call participants and timeframe statistics from a comprehensive archive that includes each store location. SCC draws information from their call manager to survey and provide statistics on the caller and destination number, date and time, duration, and answer status.

Queue stats is used to track worldwide call queue groups to survey answered and unanswered incoming call percentages as well as call data to measure large numbers of operational statistics.

A final piece of software the retailer installed is voice statistics, providing details of recent inbound call volumes and now use a single solution, from one telecommunication provider. Using a single network to carry voice and data, there is an inherent reduction in overall business expenditures. SCC’s other voice and data deployments include creating custom dashboards to integrate with the company’s existing call manager to monitor queue calls.

Smart Tile is the protective guardian and watchful eye of their voice and data networks. It proactively monitors, maintains and troubleshoots the integrated data circuits and Smart Tile helps with efficiencies within their IT department. This provides the retail industry with reliable voice solutions, data protection, and software for in-store/network security.

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