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Jan FOTM: Smart Tile Series – Smart Access

January’s Feature Of The Month: Smart Access

As 2019 gets going, SCC will be rolling out a new Feature of the Month series to spotlight our Smart Tile solution! Smart Tile lets users view essential security feeds and business information through “one page of glass” on one convenient page.

The first entry in our Smart Tile series is Smart Access.

SCC’s Smart Access displays activity information each time a physical Smart Card or mobile application is used. This real-time page includes the associated user name and card number when an access card is applied at any door or entry point. This helps business owners and administrators ensure each entry point is accessed only by authorized cardholders, and helps keep personnel and resources secure.


Comprehensive Card Access History: View company-wide card use, including card number, username, entry or action location, and activity date and time.

Location and Materials Protection: Restrict access to executive offices, server rooms, or merchandise warehouses.

Company-Wide Information: Review access history for every door or entry point—no matter how many locations are included.

Entry Action Details: Learn which actions occurred at each entry point, such as forced entry attempts or doors held open.

SMS Alerts: Set up instant message alerts for your mobile device and receive unauthorized activity notifications right away.

Activity Archive:

  • Search access history for individual users, card numbers, sites, business regions, and more.
  • Filter a custom list into a convenient new window to review any entry point, employee, or timeframe.

Instant Access Modification: Adjust access system settings at any time.

Timed-Based Access: Schedule custom timeframes to allow or restrict entry during designated intervals and help prevent unauthorized activity after business hours.

Customized User Cards: Manage location access and active timeframes for each unique card.

Card Status: Check the Issued and Expiration dates of each card to verify whether it should be in use.

January Feature of the Month

Smart Tile – Smart Access


A major insurance firm is opening a brand-new office in a busy area. This office will include CEO and C-Suite executive offices and house sensitive client and business information. A large number of employees will be coming and going throughout the day. With all the additional foot traffic around the building, the firm needs to make sure their space and employees are secure and safe from unauthorized entry.


Smart Choice Communication provided the firm with a Smart Card Access system, as well as the Smart Tile platform for information and security monitoring. The integrated Smart Access page lets firm administrators know exactly which employee’s physical access card or mobile application was used to enter a secure door or entry point. By monitoring and filtering real-time information, administrators can keep an eye on office areas, important materials, and the firm’s team.