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Should You Consider Dark Fiber?

Should You Consider Dark Fiber?

In this age of technology, it is necessary for organizations to utilize their internet services and networks efficiently to maximize productivity. Companies must determine which type of connection will work best given their specific needs and objectives. When looking for a connection that offers fast speeds, flexibility and scalability, fiber is often an option that is greatly considered. With future expansion of your business in mind, investing in dark fiber may be the key to your company’s success.

Should You Consider Dark Fiber?

What is Dark Fiber?

Fiber connectivity is widely considered to be the most reliable and redundant internet connection available today. Optical fiber cables consist of extremely thin glass strands that transmit digital data with light pulses, known as “lit fiber,” instead of electrical currents used with cables such as ethernet and coaxial.

Dark Fiber is simply optical fiber infrastructure (cabling and repeaters) that is currently in place but is not being used. These cables lay dormant with the expectations of being connected or “lit” in the future. The term “dark” refers to the absence of light pulses in these unused fiber cables.

Why use Dark Fiber?

Dark Fiber is ideal for businesses who need to increase bandwidth due to rapid or unexpected traffic on their network. Companies often invest in dark fiber because they want to future proof their networks by implementing plans for scalability and expansion. Scaling up is fast, easy and the bandwidth availability is virtually unlimited.

Dark Fiber Benefits

The benefits of using Dark Fiber are abundant. By investing in Dark Fiber, businesses can provide the optimal speed on their network, making operations smooth and efficient. Dark fiber also gives companies complete network customization capabilities including control of design, protocols, latency and upgrades. With the superb reliability and built-in redundancy of lit fiber in mind, the ability to scale up bandwidth can supercharge your network and create the ideal experience for your customers, increase productivity and boost performance.

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