September FOTM: Smart Tile

September’s Feature Of The Month: Smart Tile

SmartChoice’s Smart Tile is a convenient new feature that lets business owners view essential information through “one pane of glass” in one simple spot. By working alongside the OMNI Portal, Smart Tile is able to offer a succinct dashboard whose individual “tiles” instantly present live video feeds, call volume, bandwidth usage, and network status, while also providing supplementary pages for each segment along with enterprise call history and card access reports.

Each Smart Tile solution can be tailored to suit the needs of any business or organization and can incorporate new or existing IoT devices for enhanced company insights. Smart Tile’s inclusive site and real-time data flow keep owners and managers informed, and since the OMNI Portal caters to local and international sites, it’s easy to monitor a global network with a single glance.

Video Surveillance

Whether a business has a single office or multiple location around the world, Smart Tile provides a multi-“tile” video feed of every space at once. These feeds let Smart Tile users track the activity of each employee, customer, or unwanted visitor to help judge the safety of each space and the security of sensitive documents or valuable merchandise. Each feed can be paused, rewound, or fast-forwarded to hone in on precise moments, or downloaded as a media file for company or legal records.

Call History

The Call History page features every call made within the associated enterprise. Information drawn from the OMNI Portal details the caller and destination number, date and time, duration, and answer status, while the search creates a list of previous calls according to the set parameters. A custom list of calls made by a specific user or within a specific timeframe highlights essential statistics, including employee productivity and answered or failed calls.

Bandwidth Usage/Network Statistics

Owners and tech teams need to know when their services are up and running, and when it may be time to increase bandwidth. The Monitor Services tile and individual page provides a real-time, color-coded list of Up or Down host totals and the status for each one. For a more in-depth look, each listed host is accompanied by an interactive bandwidth graph that displays usage, activity, and pings over time.

Smart Tile


After enormous success, the owners of a small menswear retailer will soon open an additional location. To prepare, the owners want to keep track of everything going on in their business. As their current location houses the physical store, management offices, e-commerce office, and customer service center, the owners often have to cycle through countless sites or platforms to keep track of all the ins and outs of their business, which can take up time and cause more than a little frustration.


SmartChoice set the business up with the Smart Tile solution. By checking out the “single pane of glass”-style dashboard, the owners were able to see their business from all angles in a matter of seconds. With the push of a button, Smart Tile brought up vital details, from video feeds, to host status, to call history, all of which had previously been painstakingly drawn from a range of digital locations. This instant access let the owners easily study which aspects of their business could be optimized and helped provide them with more time to prepare for the first of many additional and successful locations.