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Quick— tell me everything that’s going on in your company!
What’s happening on your video feeds?
What was the most recent outgoing call?
What’s your network status?

It can be tough to tackle all these questions right away—especially when you’re managing multiple locations. For faster access to the answers you need, it might be time to switch to an overview platform that instantly delivers your most essential business information, all in one place.



– Basil Stepanov, Chief Technology Officer

With an all-encompassing overview platform site, owners and managers can gain vital company data and view security monitoring systems on
an at-a-glance page.

Instead of trudging through endless sites or databases to check activity, an overview platform can provide continuous monitoring through convenient designs like SCC’s unique, “single-pane-of-glass”-style layout created for their Smart Tile feature. The onscreen “tiles” show off designated real-time data or video feeds to report on essentials like:

  • Live video for security monitoring
  • Host and server statuses
  • Call volume and history
  • Alarm activation
  • Bandwidth

Each tile can be programmed to feature local and international spaces to give users a comprehensive, worldwide landscape of their company. These platforms can also cater to the individual workings of any business and integrate additional feeds and IoT devices to produce an optimized, streamlined, display.

Smart Tile Actively Monitors:
Security Monitoring Host and Server statuses Call Volume and History
Alarm Activation Reports Bandwidth Hosted Voice Portal Records
Card Access Video Camera People Counters
[+] Additional IoT Devices [+]
Dig Deeper

While the individual tiles provide a concise information readout, tile platforms can also offer a supplemental page for each category. These handy subsections let you see full reports and listings or search through archived records. Since the video feed displays each physical location, it’s easy to know whether each space is safe and secure for your employees, customers, and valuable merchandise or records.

Now and Then

A mosaic overview means users can see what needs to handled right away, and what can be circled back to later.

Let’s say you catch something on the video feed. You’ll be able to contact that location or nearby security support team right away. Let’s also say you see a noteworthy pattern within company call records or bandwidth usage. While you’ll instantly be able to make a mental (or written!) note for your next meeting, you’ll also be able to head right back to any other urgent issues right in the tile platform.

Tile me Everything

Overview platforms help save time by neatly gathering up security monitoring feeds, phone and internet use, and more, to get users the facts they need in a matter of seconds. If you’re unsure about a multi-tile overview, just think of it as a Scrabble game for your business—one where you have full control of the board.