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Security Solution: Smart Card Access

Company Background

Since 1985, Merchant Financial Group has been an industry leader in servicing growing businesses across the world with innovative financing tools and flexibility. Utilizing four credit departments, Merchant Financial Group offers tremendous credit coverage, resources, and services to aid clients. Clients and their customers enjoy the advantages of quick decision making and personal attention that only a company like Merchant Financial Group can offer. With extensive knowledge in a wide variety of industries, Merchant Financial Group strives to deliver the utmost for greater growth and success

Most traditional banks and larger factors considered these companies too small, undercapitalized, or unprofitable. But Merchant was built to accommodate the needs of these small ventures through personal attention, advice, and networking opportunities. Additionally, Merchant’s ability to combine sales volume with many other small businesses has allowed them to offer very competitive rates. With Merchant, many small to mid-sized businesses have achieved great success.

The Challenge

Smart Choice Communications (SCC) was already the telecommunications provider for Merchant Financial Group when it was time for a new Card Access security solution. SCC offers a full range of infrastructure design, security, internet solutions and hosted voice services, so adding security to Merchant Financial Group was straightforward and simple. Merchant Financial Group needed a partner that would not only help them satisfy any legal requirements, but also provide them with the hardware and software. Any security solution they approved would have to be scalable and versatile. Alejandro K. Brown, Systems & Network Administrator at Merchant Financial Group was aware of the numerous fiber break-ins targeting financial companies and wanted to make the company a little more secure in terms of physical security. Specifically, in their main office and data center, Mr. Brown does not know who is coming in and out on the weekends or after hours. With their previous system they only had a general idea of when doors were locked. Knowing when someone enters and leaves the server room was of primary importance.

“We were given a great timeline and reasonable pricing. Techs did a fantastic job and everything turned out the way we hoped it would. One of the best new additions to the company that we have this year. We are very pleased with this.”

– Alejandro K. Brown
Systems & Network Administrator

Smart Solution:

Merchant Financial Group wanted to upgrade their legacy security system for a long time and when Smart Choice presented the opportunity to seamlessly integrate Smart Card Readers with their current telecommunication solutions, Mr. Brown and the rest of the team at Merchant Financial Group did not hesitate to accept the offer. To gain the level of protection they were looking for, Merchant Financial Group installed a security solution with a sophisticated management system that allows for real-time notifications. To date, the benefits of the Smart Card Reader solution implemented have been substantial. Everyone at Merchant Financial Group seems to have a greater peace of mind.

A major reason why they were so eager to upgrade their system was because of an event with an employee and their client. The staff member was with a client and punched in her key code on the old system. The client joking said, “now I can get in any time I want.” This bothered her and since then, Mr. Brown has been pleased that future clients cannot do that at any time for any reason.

Implementing a comprehensive security system was also an important part of Mr. Brown’s strategy to save the company time and money. Five card readers with a Bluetooth option and motion sensors were installed, which was a huge improvement for the front door. Prior to Smart Card Readers, everyone had to hit a press-here button on the side of the wall. Now people can walk out the door with the integrated motion sensors. something incredibly simple and over looked. Mr. Brown noted that he was extremely impressed with the instantaneous speed of the system.

Services Provided:

  • Smart Card Access

We needed accountability for the server room. People are getting slicker and slicker and finding ways to bypass security systems.

– Alejandro K. Brown
Systems & Network Administrator

Smart Card Access Features:

  • Key-Free Entry – Keyless entry to secured spaces using traditional access cards, fobs, biometrics or smartphone-based credentials.
  • Safe Environment – Protect people, facilities, networks and assets. Know who is in the facility, manage the level of access and meet regulatory compliance objectives.
  • Building Card Use – SCC can integrate building-provided access card for convenient entry to turnstiles, elevators, office suites, office doors and cabinets.
  • Environment Control – Enhance the safety of the office environment, and reduce lock cylinder replacement and rekeying expenses associated with traditional mechanical locks.
  • 24x7x365 Managed Services – SCC provides card administration and report generation services while also managing and maintaining the system remotely and on-site with Smart Halo’s 24x7x365 proactive monitoring and support.
  • Continual Updates – Real time firmware and software updates are continuously performed to keep equipment up to date.
  • Disaster Recovery – Important information is stored both locally and in the SCC Cloud to be recovered in case of a disaster. SCC provides real-time backup of all card data, card event history and user photos.

“We were already using Smart Choice for telecom and they have done a fantastic and have a great track record. The seamless integration of the security system integrated to the same system we have for telecom made a lot sense.”

– Alejandro K. Brown
Systems & Network Administrator

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Merchant – Security Solution: Smart Card Access

Merchant Financial Group. has been family owned and operated since 1985. Walter Kaye, the founder of Merchant had a vision, which was to service the needs of small growing businesses that had ideas, energy, great products, and passion.

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