Case Study:

Leading Luxury Retail Giant Brings Together 500 Mono-Brand Stores Through SmartTile Innovation

Case Study:

Leading Luxury Retail Giant Brings Together 500 Mono-Brand Stores Through SmartTile Innovation

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International Luxury Retail Company


Implementing SmartChoice’s SmartTile yielded substantial benefits for the luxury retailer, including reduced monthly costs, improved support reliability, and streamlined operations, enhancing overall efficiency and competitiveness.

Project Description:

A luxury retail giant with multiple sites streamlined operations using SmartChoice’s SmartTile, integrating software, reducing costs, improving support, and enabling remote oversight of all stores.

Key Takeaways:

  • Renowned luxury retailer optimized communications and internet across North American stores.
  • SmartTile integration unified software, cut costs, and enhanced support.
  • Real-time analytics, automated reports, and remote oversight streamlined operations.

Initial Challenges

The leading enterprise relied on multiple IT managers and directors to oversee 458 of its mono-brand stores worldwide.

The holding company was juggling various platforms for video surveillance, people counters, comprehensive analytics, and more.

They needed a solution that could integrate their existing software into one platform to oversee all business operations through a single click.

customer wants to integrate different services into software

Monitor several locations from one pane of glass software

The Smart Solution

SmartChoice delivered by customizing and implementing one of the most innovative solutions to date, the SmartTile.

This solution allowed the company to integrate various types of software and view its entire business through one pane of glass.

The global leader’s monthly phone rates were drastically reduced while experiencing improved call and technical support reliability.

Products and Features

  • Automated and customized reports
  • Call Volume and History
  • Host and Server Statuses
  • Line Usage Duration
  • Sentiment Analysis

monitoring software with technical support

integrating services into one software


There was no longer a need for multiple team members to provide manual reports and oversee multiple business components. Through hand in hand partnership with SmartChoice’s network and technical support team, the retail giant’s leadership team was equipped with a technology forward tool that allowed them to view all store locations from anywhere.

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