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Holiday Time Business Boosts

Holiday Time Business Boosts

The holidays are right around the corner, which probably means your company is preparing for a busy season of sales, projects, and correspondence. Luckily, the right VoIP solutions can keep your business running smoothly, allowing you to end your year on the right note.

Your networks and phones may see an increase in activity around October or November, especially if you’re in an industry where business picks up during wintertime, like retail or travel. Maybe your offices are located in an area that’s notorious for particularly inclement weather. Or perhaps you’re a newer company looking to expand, and require scalability during a season where your services are especially needed.

Everything from an influx of employees to a major blizzard can try to complicate your business this winter. It’s important to make sure these issues don’t keep you and your customers from getting in the holiday spirit. No matter the situation, an efficient VoIP system can definitely be an asset for your business’ productivity.

Phone in hand


Tis the “Seasonal”


Seasonal help is integral for businesses requiring extra hands when there’s a surplus of customers to assist. With the help of modern network features, it can be easier to manage a team of employees while establishing efficient communication and easy access to management. Remote technologies integrate on-the-go calling solutions that let new employees connect from any location via softphone using your company’s own network. Even during high call network traffic, important incoming calls can be directed accordingly through auto-attendant features, giving you the competitive edge and allowing you to close the most important deals. Serving to the needs of both new and current customers, especially during busy holidays, helps you maintain a positive business standing and a loyal customer base.


The Weather Outside


Even if the weather makes you feel uneasy about your networks, don’t fret. Disaster recovery and failover solutions are designed so that clients and fellow employees can still communicate during emergencies or power failure. If your network happens to go down due to equipment failure or power issues, failover can be activated to connect you to standby equipment for access to phone and internet. In extreme cases, backup auto attendant features can be activated, allowing your phone calls to be automatically routed to any other number so you can stay connected no matter what.


Uninvited Guests


Aside from inclement weather, digital threats also pose a danger to your business’ wellbeing. For companies that handle important customer information such as credit cards or social security numbers, a secure and reliable network is needed to protect these significant details. Network Operations Center (NOC) engineers can proactively monitor your networks and alert you when risks or suspicious activity are detected, all while working to correct the issue right away. This means that even during your busiest times, you can be at ease knowing you’re covered with 24x7x365 protection.


The Gift that Keeps Giving


Your employees put a lot of work into growing and maintaining your business, and your clients have come to expect stellar service and commitment. The right telecom solutions can save time and money, giving your team, customers, and yourself the best gift of all–a productive holiday season.