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HCA – Cloud Communications

Company Profile:

Healthcare Associates continuously strives to provide patients with optimal C.A.R.E.—Compassion, Attention, Respect and Expertise. Committed to offering the most advanced treatment options available, customized to each patient’s needs and personal circumstances.

Services Provided:

Hosted PBX

HIPAA Compliance

Equipment: Routers, VPN
Network Security

“Smart Choice Communications always treats me like a platinum customer. The communication solution is awesome, paired with a fantastic troubleshooting set”

– Mike Silva, Director of Information Technology at Heath Care Associates

Company Background

Healthcare Associates in Medicine, P.C. (HCA) was originally formed in November of 1995 as a collaboration of two local medical practices: Neuroscience Associates of New York (Neuroscience) and Richmond Bone and Joint (Orthopedics). Both groups had invested in developing technology for the time; CAT scans and MRI’s. A changing direction of the medical groups was inevitable. Recognizing this opportunity, Neuroscience Associates and Richmond Bone and Joint came together to form one comprehensive practice. In the ensuing time, the practice has grown larger. They currently have multiple locations in Staten Island, Brooklyn and Manhattan. HCA has more than a dozen physicians working in their practice. The physicians, physician assistants and board-certified specialists work in a wide variety of fields.


HCA works with sensitive patient information that must be kept secure and is subject to HIPAA, therefor implementing a communications solution that is HIPAA compliant was an absolute necessity. Before HCA chose Smart Choice Communication’s (SCC) cloud communications solution their locations had on-premise PBX systems.

HCA was experiencing slow internet speeds, were subject to power outages, had no option for mobile, and were paying extremely high prices for too few services. On the pursuit for a replacement, Silva followed a positive recommendation that led him to SCC. He was met with an industry-leading solution that met all his company’s requirements and needs.

“Smart Choice is a proactive business that supplies me with crucial data and other business analytics making us much more efficient in the things we do.”

– Mike Silva

Smart Solution:

Before switching to a cloud communication solution, the staff at HCA had several issues with the traditional phone system and relied on a variety of third-party services to maintain it. Working with numerous different vendors was time-consuming and troublesome in terms of administration. SCC provides a complete solution with the ability to be managed remotely that has made administrative tasks easier. In utilizing SCC analytics, HCA gains a deeper understanding of their productivity through detailed analyses of daily communication tools.

“Before Smart Choice helped transition to a cloud solution, our company would experience frequent outages. I know of other competitors in our industry that have been down, whereas my systems have not been down in 15 years of working with SCC.”

– Mike Silva

Communicate with ease

SCC provides the staff at HCA with a communications system that does not require extensive training and can be maintained internally. This grants the staff more time to work on other, more crucial projects. As a growing company, it was important to HCA that the setup and use of their phone system would be easy. In changing over to a cloud based solution, the process could not be time-consuming or disruptive to the new employees starting. SCC’s system is a collection of features that allows employees to stay connected and available anytime, anywhere. One of the features the employees at HCA rely heavily on is individual conference bridges to collaborate with colleagues between different offices. The soft-phone app is another tool HCA utilizes to send and receive calls when away from their desks. Being professionals in the medical field, it was essential for HCA to have a communications solution that met their regulatory compliance needs.

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