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Slide Microsoft Teams allows you to host meetings and live events for up to 10,000 attendees. How's that for an audience? Meet as if you're
in the same room.

Hold meetings.

With Teams’ easy to use interface, you
can easily navigate all features and
meet with people instantly.

Schedule live events.

Stay current by hosting live events that will keep your attendees engaged.

Toggle participant audio.

Control meetings with participant mute.

Swap screen share rights.

Share admin rights with anyone in the video conferencing meeting.

Run your video
conferences smoothly.

Hassle-free link sharing.

Each conferencing room is assigned a unique link. Embed into your emails or share in chat.

Join instantly with a single click.

Hop into meetings as a web participant or join using  your phone app

Attend from anywhere you are.

Whether hosting or joining, access communication functions anywhere you are.

Screen share.

Send over screen share links and collaborate online.

Dynamic team messaging.

Collaborate with chat, file sharing, screen captures, and more.

HD quality video and audio.

Consistent conferencing quality without fumbling through settings to make things work.

Call from anywhere.

Never yell “who just joined?!” ever again. Use Teams calling, Phone System, Calling Plan, or Direct Routing to take the stress out of conference calls..

Meet from anywhere.

Instantly go from group chat to video conference with the touch of a button. Teams of 10 or 10,000 can meet in one place, no matter how many places they’re in.

Chat from anywhere.

Share your opinion, and your personality. Send Gifs, stickers, and emojis in a group chat or one-to-one messages.

Share from anywhere.

Never do that frantic, searching-for-files thing ever again. In Teams you can access, share, and edit Word docs, PowerPoint, and Excel files in real time.

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