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CHCR – SCC Provides CHCR With Cutting-edge Voice Capabilities

SCC Provides CHCR With

Cutting-Edge Voice Capabilities

Community Health Center of Richmond

Company Profile:

The mission of the Community Health Center of Richmond is to provide quality primary care that is accessible, affordable, and respectful to all communities it serves.

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“I no longer worry day-to-day. With Smart Choice’s voice services, we have high-definition audio and the calls are amazing.”

– Lloyd Moore
Manager, Information Technology, Planning & Network Infrastructure

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Company Background

Community Health Center of Richmond (CHCR) operates three not-for-profit family health centers on Staten Island, including two facilities in Port Richmond and one in Stapleton-St. George. They provide primary health care and dental care for all ages, along with a range of specialties, including behavioral health care, obstetrics and gynecology, podiatry, nutritional counseling, wellness, and prenatal and post-partum care. They also provide insurance enrollment assistance. While most of their patients live on Staten Island, they do see patients from all five New York City boroughs and New Jersey.

No one is turned away. CHCR provides quality care without regard to a patient’s ability to pay. They accept private insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid and have sliding-scale fees for uninsured patients based on family size and income.

The Challenge

Call quality was extremely unreliable, transfers would be sent to an unknown endless loop, calls would be staticky, and worst of all, calls would frequently be dropped all together. Improving call quality was a top priority when looking for a new communications solution. Lloyd Moore, Manager, Information Technology, Planning & Network Infrastructure at CHCR needed a solution that would seamlessly connect all five of the company locations. With their previous Avaya system, calls from one location to the next were external calls, which resulted in additional costs. Each location had its own analogue telephone PBX that had become obsolete and did not offer any of the advantages that a cloud-based Hosted-PBX provides to businesses. Making sure CHCR had the appropriate telecommunication resources and tools to handle future growth was the primary responsibility of Smart Choice Communications (SCC).

“We knew that we needed a software partner willing to offer a level of customization. Furthermore, we required a flexible platform that could communicate without any disruptions.”

– Lloyd Moore
Manager, Information Technology, Planning & Network Infrastructure

Smart Solution:

After selecting SCC to provide company-wide communications, Mr. Moore was immediately impressed with the transition to the new system. One reason was because the solution is cloud-based, allowing for flexibility and scalability. In a few days everything was up and operational, the implementation was fast and easy. Over the course of one weekend, spread throughout five different locations, SCC’s certified technicians installed a total of 151 phones. Smart Choice installed a wall mounted network data communications rack cabinet with the required patch panels and patch leads. Each location has its own IT rack, respectively assembled with two routers and one switch per site, with one site having two switches. CHCR now has a high performance structured network cabling infrastructure that serves their voice connectivity requirements. Without any issues, each staff member was trained in a one-on-one session the following Monday to learn how to operate their new phone and to become familiar with the features. The ease of implementation, set up, and installation have made it possible for Mr. Moore and the rest of the employees at CHCR a prompt benefit from the new equipment.

The SCC support team was very helpful in making sure CHCR had their IVR set up and their call queues operational. It is important for CHCR, being a health care provider, to be easily accessible and only have one number for all five locations to simplify the calling process for patients and potential new clients. Once they make a call, they know their needs will be met, and never have to worry about which number to dial. Smart Choice helped CHCR to set up and implement an extremely complex IVR platform that has multiple conditions, including time only menus and time/toggle menus. CHCR caters to many different patients, therefore the IVR developed by SCC was in English and Spanish.

Information from Smart Analytics, specifically Smart Queue Analytics is also valuable and a key tool for Mr. Moore. Now, he can present concrete data to upper management when reviewing staffing decisions. If CHCR is operating at 40 calls per hour, but Smart Analytics shows they are not all being answered, Mr. Moore can recommend increasing the number of receptionists. The live reports can also let CHCR know when something is going wrong, such as long wait times in the queue, or an employee only answering 5 calls during peak business hours when they should be attending to a lot more. The real-time visibility of the live reporting from Smart Analytics helps Mr. Moore and the rest of management adapt on the fly. At CHCR live reports have helped improve customer service by analyzing queue data to ensure proper staffing levels. Some of the components include: missed calls, queue data and reports, monitoring on-hold calls, and agent availability. Mr. Moore frequently leverages the live reports on inbound and outbound calls in real-time, which are displayed on dashboards within the OmniPortal, to track patterns in call traffic to prevent potential queue backups, avoiding lost revenue.

Cost savings is another reason CHCR made the transition to a cloud-based Hosted-PBX, minimizing initial costs and eliminating server maintenance fees in the process. CHCR used to spend thousands of dollars alone on maintenance and new equipment for upgrades. Smart Choice has deployed a solution that has provided significant savings to CHCR’s voice expense and has also increased monthly revenues due to the impact on productivity. More importantly, because SCC is cloud-based, the voice service supports multiple offices, allowing calls to move seamlessly back and forth between the different locations.

“We experienced zero disruption to our customer contact center while installing and transitioning over to SCC. Smart choice came up with the perfect solution to meet our business needs.”

– Lloyd Moore
Manager, Information Technology, Planning & Network Infrastructure

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